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Dr. Madre is a 7-year-old company specializing in health and personal care items, mainly focused on home medical equipment impacting the lives of parents and children. The company prides itself on combining the best quality products with the best customer service in the industry.

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One time, I urged my wife to attend her friend’s birthday dinner. I was left alone with my 4-year-old daughter. Out of nowhere, my little girl suddenly said that she felt sick! I panicked since it was always my wife who takes care of us when we’re ill. I am so grateful to Dr. Madre Infrared Thermometer because it is very easy to use! I just pointed it at my daughter’s forehead, clicked the button, and after a second, the reading was shown on the screen and it read the temperature out loud. Even I was able to confirm immediately that my daughter had a fever. Good job, Dr. Madre!

Jake from Chicago

My 6-year-old son used the Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm, and I am so relieved that I found this product for him! He wears his blue PJs every single night, so he had a minor tantrum when we tried before with a different brand that required him to wear special underwear. The Dr. Madre alarm just needs to be clipped on his PJs, so my little boy can still enjoy his favorite sleeping attire. We used it for about 5 weeks, and now my son is happy that he wakes up in a dry bed! As a stay-at-home mom, this is also extremely helpful for me -- I don’t have to wash the sheets daily! A million thanks to Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm!

Mrs. Cooper, Orlando, Florida